John Marranca, Jr KB2HSH at amsat.org
Wed Aug 3 15:05:00 PDT 2011

I don't quite understand the "high-fiving" going on in regards to "Congrats
on the deployment of Arissat-1".  Bullshit.  Someone's ASS should be on the
line for the rough treatment of this "project" (as NASA TV kept referring to
it as).  As far as I'M concerned...they sent out INEXPERIENCED rookies to
deploy something that, while minor in the grand scheme of projects
undertaken by ISS/NASA, was still important to US and the university that
built the pressure experiment onboard.  What if these cosmonauts DID destroy
it?  What if it had to be brought back to Earth?  Who would have paid for
it?  Or would it have been a loss for the contributors involved?

My 2 cents!'



John Marranca, Jr
-PBX Technician-
BN Systems, Incorporated
Orchard Park, NY

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