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David Palmer KB5WIA kb5wia at amsat.org
Wed Aug 3 10:04:53 PDT 2011

Thanks Zack and Jim!

Yes indeed, so far my Garmin Vista HCx hasn't had trouble finding a
signal in tree cover, so I'm pretty hopefull it will show the exact
boundary plus error for my photographs and site video.

I'm also finalizing plans for the operation with ARRL HQ VUCC group --
I want to be absolutely sure all the I's are dotted and the T's are
crossed prior to heading out.  It's not going to be an easy
expedition, so it will be good to have everything possible cleared
beforehand so there are no questions later!

73 de Dave KB5WIA / CM88

On Wed, Aug 3, 2011 at 8:34 AM, Zachary Beougher
<zack.kd8ksn at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Just one more point:
> Your GPS map datum should be set to WGS84 (which should be the default), and
> if the unit is equipped with it, WAAS should be enabled. This will ensure
> you will get the lowest possible accuracy reading.  This accuracy figure,
> along with the lat/lon coordinates, must be pictured in your video or camera
> footage along with your station on the boundary.
> I use the Garmin etrex Legend HCx and I have never had any issues with
> finding grid boundaries.  Just make sure you have the GPS on while en route
> to the boundary.
> The VUCC rules spell all of this out in a very simple format on the ARRL's
> website:
> 4(e)&(f)
> http://www.arrl.org/files/file/Awards/VUCC%20Rules%202011_Rev%2020110512.pdf
> 73!
> Zack
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> Hi Dave,
> Like many others, I'm looking forward to working you from the quad point.
> I'll finally be home to take advantage of your operation and hopefully get
> four new ones into my own log.
> Adding one point to WD9EWK's info, the GPS display needs to show an accuracy
> of 20 feet or less. Lower is better for stability of course, but 20 is the
> magic number.
>> From your description of the quad point, the forest may not be friendly to
>> your GPS. Just like when you're working through the birds, GPS sigs are
>> impaired by the population density of nearby trees.
> Have fun!
> 73,
> Jim, ND9M / VQ9JC
> Ardmore, OK / EM14
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> From: David Palmer KB5WIA <kb5wia at amsat.org>
> Subject: [amsat-bb] KB5WIA California Lost Coast Expedition
> (CM79/CM89/CN70/CN80) August 7-8, 2011
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> Hi Everyone,
> Just a reminder (and before the flood of ARISSat emails in the list
> tomorrow!), this weekend I'll be heading out to the California Lost
> Coast to work the satellites from that rare grid CM79.  CM79 has no
> roads, no power, no houses, nothing but lots and lots of ocean and a
> small triangle of mountainous forest.  Plans are to operate right from
> the northeast tip of CM79 so if all goes well I'll be providing four
> grids at once:  CM79, CM89, CN70, and CN80.
> Weather looks reasonable (cloudy mornings, sunny afternoons) for
> portable solar-powered operation.  I'll operate on Sunday August 7th
> and Monday August 8th, and I've posted a list of potential passes on
> my blog.  Operation will be during local daylight only, due to the
> remoteness of the area I don't want to be hiking down off that
> mountain after dark!
> I'll aim to work all available satellites -- AO-51 (if it keeps going
> strong like it has been), SO-50, and AO-27 for FM.  VO-52, FO-29, and
> AO-07 (primarily mode B) for SSB.  If ARISSat is up and running I'll
> try to get on that too, depending on congestion and satellite
> performance.
> I'll have my SPOT Locator beacon with me, so my exact location should
> be available from the link on my QRZ web page.  If the current beacon
> position shows that I'm right at the intersection of -124 and 40
> degrees, likely I'll be available on the sats as they go by.
> More details on my website at http://kb5wia.blogspot.com
> 73!  de Dave KB5WIA
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