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> DAER AMSAT members.
> Is there anyone who has information about pointing accuracy test procedure
> of parabolic antenna controllers?
>  Could you please send me some links or book names or papers those
> describe the procedure of testing pointing accuracy of  for e.g. 2 or 3 m
> antenna controllers.
> Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
> Best Regards.
> N.Mahdinejad
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Hi, N.Mahdinejad

You don't mention the frequency used for your 2 or 3 meter dish.

By the way the best procedure to test the point accuracy for a 2 or 3
meter dish is to receive the Sun Noise at the frequency of operation.

Using any satellite traking program you can compute the azimuth and
elevation of the Sun for a particular time and then chek if you receive
the strongest Sun Noise in the same azimut and elevation indicated by
the satellite traking program.

If the maximum Sun Noise do not match with the pointing of your dish
than move mechanically the orientation of yor dish in order to get the
maximum Sun Noise at that specific time of dish pointing adjustement.

73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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