[amsat-bb] Re: They broke it

Burns Fisher burns at fisher.cc
Wed Aug 3 09:46:36 PDT 2011

While I was also holding my breath as they let the bird bump around loose on
the tether etc, I also notice quite early that there appeared to be no
antenna on one side of the box.  I don't think the cosmonauts doing the
deployment broke it off.  I think it was not there as it came out the

Is it the 70cm antenna or the 2m antenna that was missing?  If the 2m,
perhaps they did not get it re-connected after using the external station
antenna last week.  OTOH, they may never have hooked up the 70cm and never
realized there was one.  One of the cosmonauts said (approx) "I've been here
for 3 months and it NEVER had another antenna".

Burns, W2BFJ

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