[amsat-bb] Re: ASISSAT-1 Returning to ISS

Edward R. Cole kl7uw at acsalaska.net
Wed Aug 3 09:38:26 PDT 2011

Just confirmed by the NASA TV commenter that the UHF antenna is 
missing.  The question is whether to deploy today with diminished 
capabilility or return to inside of ISS and do a search for the 
missing antenna.  There will not be an EVA until 2012 (month?) to 
retry a deployment.

It was not clear to me if the commenter stated that the antenna 
arrived originally and was installed or was that a question.

Listening to the exercise to install the laser comm system is kind 
interesting to hear the back-n-forth conversation as it makes one 
wonder if they had practised this maneuver with all the corrections 
given in their procedure by the ground director.

I did note the VHF antenna appears a flexible tape design and it was 
flexed several times as it was bumped about.  However everything is 
weightless so this may actually be not very forcefull "bumps" and 
flexes of the antenna.  The lower side was not visible on camera very 
much but I noted it appeared to only have the cylindrical antenna 
base.  I assume this is the UHF antenna so would be shorter than the 
topside antenna.  I call the side with switches as topside.

I did see what appeared activating the switches, but hearing what was 
said was difficult on TV.  I am now listening/watching live-streaming 
video coverage and wearing headsets to listen.

I was ready to copy CW&Telemetry on 145.919 with the ARISSat tlm sw 
and stream data.  I guess we will not be doing anything today - probably?

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