[amsat-bb] ARISsat-1 reception in New England

Burns Fisher burns at fisher.cc
Mon Aug 1 09:45:49 PDT 2011

Did anyone in New England (or other locations in the same general area)
receive ARISsat-1's VHF test messages on the ~0230EDT (0630Z) pass?  I got
nothing at all using an HT connected to a 2M eggbeater.  I usually receive
the ISS fine with this, but nothing at all from ARISsat-1.  Of course I know
it was operating generally since there were lots of reception reports.
 However, I did not happen to see any around that time/location.  It was not
the highest pass, but I could not stay up any later!

Hoping for better luck in a few days at high power.


73 de W2BFJ, Burns

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