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Hi all,
It has been announced that SSTL  (Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd  )  and
its partners DMCii are to build
and launch 3 satellites at a cost of £100 million.      A UK project of
The satellites are expected to be launched in 2013 and used for imaging the
 earth with a resolution of
1 metre.
It is also planned to let other countries whom may not be able to afford to
 build or launch satellites. Buy
time for use of the SSTL satellites.
Many congratulations to Sir Martin Sweeting and his teams on yet another
major project for the group.
Ken Eaton
Amsat -UK
Amsat NA

Hi Ken, GW1FKY

The above 3 satellites are not carriyng an amateur radio transponder and so
they are only commercial and scientific satellite of no interest for the
IARU Amateur Satellite Service.

As far I remember AMSAT-UK and SSTL with Sir Martin Sweeting have never
built and launched an amateur satellite with a communication transponder in
more than 35 years now and for this reason I cannot congratulate with the
above people.

73" de

i8CVS Domenico
EX AMSAT-UK member 0229

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