[amsat-bb] Re: Antenna Opinions?

Stan, W1LE stanw1le at verizon.net
Wed Sep 22 05:50:05 PDT 2010

  M2 makes a 35 element 1296 MHz yagi, on about a 6' boom.
individual elements are insulated "thru the boom" with keepers.
Folded dipole driven element.
I used 2 each stacked vertically for AO-40. Yes, they are pointy.

Stan, W1LE      Cape Cod     FN41sr

On 9/22/2010 1:52 AM, Art McBride wrote:
> Greg,
>   I would keep the one that works the best.
> I have been disappointed in the performance of long boom Yagi's for UHF.
> Resistance loss in the elements often reduces the gain by several dB over
> calculated gain. Also they are very narrow band, the helix is good for an
> octave.
> Art,
> --

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