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I have been looking for a reference like that for some time, but as someone
else has mentioned, there really doesn't seem to be an "APRS for Dummies" to
recommend. Recently the area where I live "discovered" APRS, and it required
a bit of effort to keep some of the more enthusiastic members from going off
into the weeds.  WB4APR's site is the best in that it is the most current
and accurate.  One thing to watch for is that there have been some changes
as the technology evolves, but there are a lot to references which include
old data.  For instance, the paths used to include terms such as RELAY and
WIDE.  These have been replaced with WIDE1-1 and WIDEN-n.  You will still
see excellent discussions in most aspects which have the old information on

Fortunately the basics are easy to pick up by osmosis.  I would suggest
subscribing to the TT4 mailing list for specific information, and the TAPR
APRS mailing list for general information.  The APRS list can get heated at
times, but there are no questions too dumb to ask.  I know, since I have
asked most of them.  Great bunch.  I use the TT3 and TT4, and use the latter
to run a small fill-in digi, so drop me a note off list if I can help with
any specific questions.


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Say you ran into someone who was really APRS-illiterate. But say this ham
attended, for example, a local ham convention over the weekend, and met the
fine folks at Byonics. Further say this ham picked up a TinyTrak4, display,
GPS receiver, and associated radio cabling - hooked it all up - and is
receiving packet info.

What book/manual/text would you recommend to this fictitious ham to learn
more about this exciting aspect of amateur radio?

Please let me know ... and I will make sure to read --- er, I mean, I'll be
sure to pass on the info to this ham.

Clint, K6LCS
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