[amsat-bb] HO-68 question

Patrick Farcon pfarcon at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 18 09:06:16 PDT 2010

I finally got an opportunity to try and work HO-68 again on the weekend.
Very tough during the week due to work schedule. I had a 65 deg at peak pass
over FN20un but was unable to hear the satellite at all during the entire
pass. Often I have a high 70cm noise level here so I figured it was operator
tracking error (Arrow on a tripod) and the high noise level. I went to
http://oscar.dcarr.org to see if anyone had heard the pass and unfortunately
there were no reports either way. What I did find was a bit confusing unless
the past work week took a real toll on me...LOL!...

There were 4 reports out of Europe earlier in the day of the satellite being
heard. When I had checked the schedule on http://www.camsat.cn I thought I
understood the satellite to be off between 1:51 and 14:20 UTC. The pass I
was trying to catch was at 14:39 UTC but the reported heard times were in
the OFF period for HO-68. Am I reading this all wrong? I was hoping to
perhaps catch a European station or two on that pass and also work others
here in the US.

Thanks in advance and maybe it¹s just a tough morning for me!



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