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I don't know the fellow, just passing it along to the bb 

73 Bob W7LRD 
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Everything sold... but the Icom IC-910H...  Tnx. to all. 
  Icom IC-910H...( Loaded)  1.2 GHz. band unit, (2) UT-106 DSP board 
main and sub, CR-293 High stability crystal unit, MB-23 Carrying 
 Handle. It in Mint condition, no scratches,dents,rub marks... still 
 has the plastic on display. It comes with the box, manual,12 volt 
 pwr cord, hand microphone.   $1500.00 
 W6PQL... 1.2 GHz. Solid State Power Amplifier  7 watts of drive  100   
 watts output , built in 28 volt power supply, dc amp meter, full 
 protection SWR antenna fault. Like new... $1150.00 
 SSB Electronic  SP-23  1296 MHz mast mounted pre amp... 10 watts VOX   
  100watts PTT   0.9  NF   20 db gain.  $325.00 
 (2) M2 23cm35 antennas... 35 elements ea. with power divider... In   
good shape.   $300.00 
 SSB Electronic... DCW 2004 -SHF  sequence controller  ( New Model ) 

 SSB Electronic ... DCW 15 B     sequence controller        $80.00   
 Down East Microwave ... 222 MHz. Transverter set up for the Icom  (SOLD) 
 756PRO  1,2,or 3    Plug and play. 25 watts output. Just service at 
 D.E.M      $300.00 
 (2) SSB Electronic .... SP-220  Mast Mounted pre amp... 200 watts  ( 
 VOX   650 watts PTT  0.9 NF   10-20 db gain  $175.00 ea. 
 M2 7WL 222 antenna ... Like new been up 1 yr.  $160.00  (SOLD) 
 TE System  2252G Power Amplifier ... 25 watts in  235 output with   
 pre amp  $450.00 
 All prices don't include shipping from 92344 
 7 3 de N6EQ 
 (760) 948-9025 
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