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Remember  that "less than a buck" crystals are mass produced, often to 
relatively loose  tolerances and poor temperature 
stability, and is unlikely to match your  oscillator configuration.

A properly cut crystal to your specification  will probably cost you 30-40 
My choice of supplier is  http://www.quartslab.co.uk/
Don't forget to specify the oscillator  configuration and component values 
if they don't know your particular  
downconverter model.

If you have no luck with the sub one buck crystal. I have a small number of 
 made to order crystals for the Drake converter. Reduced height compared to 
 the HC49U and 20pF to match the Drake oscillator. 
However, I believe you can run the Cal Amp with the original crystal. This  
gives an output somewhere around 123MHz.  The original xtal will be a  
decent spec and 123MHz is good as most unmodified transceivers will not transmit 
 into your converter.
David  G0MRF

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