[amsat-bb] KD8KSN/0 Update

Zachary Beougher zack.kd8ksn at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 11 06:40:08 PDT 2010

Good morning from beautiful Colorado,

I wanted to let everyone know that we made it into CO last evening and got settled in at the camp site after a L O N G trip from OH.  I was able to get on SO50 once on the way out from EM08 while sitting at the gas pumps UNDER the pump roof (for lack of a better word).  Thanks K0TWB, KB1RVT, K8YSE and WC7V for the QSOs - I was working half duplex with a 1/4 wave on the roof.  We are on our way to Pike's Peak today (DM78), and should be up there between 1500z-2000z (approx).  We will be in DN70 in a couple days, and there is also a very, very SLIGHT chance of a DN60 grid activation.  We have heard that most pine trees have been cut down on that side of the park due to the pine beetle, so I am not even sure if we are planning on going over to that side.  We had our fill of treeless land coming through Kansas yesterday =)




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