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     My issue has been traced (hopefully solved) to a labeling problem at
the printers.  I  was not accusing anyone at AMSAT of anything.  I think my
exact words were


"I want to be VERY CLEAR, I do NOT believe anyone at AMSAT is at fault!  I
believe the problem is after shipment and before it would arrive at my local
post office.  A link in the middle of the chain is where I believe the
problem is.  AGAIN this is not an attack on AMSAT.  I do not believe that is
where the problem lies."


It turns out the problem was at the shipping point, as my label had no



Joe kk0sd


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First - sorry for the slow response to this thread. Seems like everything I
do is late!!!

Second - the Journal delays are due to a number of factors. The two greatest
factors are a lack of publishable articles and me. I frequently have a lack
of enough articles to produce a full issue on time. So I delay publication
until I can get enough content to publish an issue. Secondly, I have a real
job and busy life and I frequently have to travel. (Ask Barry how many times
he's called me and I was in England or China or some far away place like
that.) That prevents me from working on the Journal and that delays things
sometimes. I try my best to get the Journal to you on time, but it seems
that most times I am unsuccessful.

The plan is to send the Journal to the printer the first week of the second
month shown on the cover. For example, the January/February issue should go
to the printer the first week of February. The printer should get it into
the mail the week after that so that you would receive the issue mid to late
February. That should hold true throughout the year. Unfortunately it
doesn't happen that way very often, thus the delays. AMSAT certainly is NOT
delaying the Journal - I am - for the reasons above.

So I apologize for the delays. I do try to provide you with a quality
Journal with a variety of interesting and informative articles. Thanks to
the great people that contribute to the Journal and my associate editors,
Bill Hook and JoAnne Maaenpaa, we eventually get there with each issue.
Despite the fact that I've been late, we have NOT completely missed any

I hope this explains things a bit. I know it's not acceptable, but we try to
do the very best we can.  BTW - the July/August issue went to the printer
last week so it's running late too. This delay was due to me this time.
Houston was HOT!!!

Ed Long
Editor, The AMSAT Journal

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> Subject: [amsat-bb] Re: Latest AMSAT Journal
> Steve,
> I believe AMSAT is sending the Journal, and I don't remember claiming
> they weren't. I also know it quite often doesn't get here. It is the only
> piece of regularly scheduled mail I have trouble with. I suspect the
> service is having problems between me and AMSAT. I was just checking to
> if that has happened again. The answer I got leads me to believe it is too
> soon to tell with this issue of the magazine. I asked the original
> simply because it is very difficult to know when you were supposed to get
> something you didn't get :-) 
> 73,
> Joe kk0sd
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> On Saturday 28 August 2010 00:24:10 Gary "Joe" Mayfield wrote:
> > Gould,
> >
> > Please don't take my message the wrong way. I love the journal, but
> > have had MANY delivery issues. I have yet to receive the May/June issue.
> >
> > 73,
> > Joe kk0sd
> Joe, 
> Don't assume that AMSAT didn't send it to you 'till you've verified it
> them and they think they had a problem.
> I've had delivery issues on things too, and it is the fault of the Post 
> Office. Your local PO can range from fantastic to wretched, and here in
> Ann Arbor MI, it seems like we're more towards the wrong end of the
> scale. One issue of QST had a completely mangled front cover, so bad
> that I called the PO here and complained. The response was... "Oh.".
> Lansing MI on the other hand, has such an efficient system that a 
> letter mail to my home town of Ann Arbor *gets there faster* than the
> same thing mailed *in* Ann Arbor in most cases.
> So when the ham mag you've been waiting for looks like a war refugee,
> or has been AWOL for 1 week+, think about the system that carries it
> to you. Note: This is not a rant against the USPO--I support it, but I
> think
> it needs help, and I don't think that money is the answer.
> --STeve Andre'
> wb8wsf en82
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