[amsat-bb] KD8KSN/0 in Colorado Soon

Zachary Beougher zack.kd8ksn at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 7 13:12:15 PDT 2010


Beginning this Thursday (9th) through the 18th, me and my family will be going to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado for our annual vacation. The primary focus of this trip will be to enjoy the scenery of the Rocky Mountain Park with a secondary focus on satellite operating. Satellites that will be operated include AO27, AO51, SO50 and HO68 if it is in FM that week. We will likely be in DN60/70, DM78/79, and possibly DM68/69 in Colorado (I know these grids are not unheard of, but hopefully they will be new-er to some of you guys), along with other possible grids on the trip out and back through IN, IL, MO and KS if I can get a mobile setup going (which is highly unlikely). I also plan to do at least 1-2 passes from atop Pike's Peak (DM78) during one of the first few days of the trip. It is hard to say at this point how frequently I will be on.... I would like to be on at least one pass per day that will have a good coverage of the US, but it will all depend on if I can get to suitable place to operate, weather, if I am not surrounded by 10,000 ft. peaks, etc. Worst case is I am on 1 pass during the trip, best case is I am on a lot more - we will have to wait and see. This will be my first "somewhat major" portable satellite operating, so please bare with me. =) Please watch my QRZ page for photos after the trip. 

QSL Information for Colorado Trip:
If you would like a QSL, please wait until the trip is over and send one card with the contact(s) listed along with a SASE. Also, please put on the QSL the grid(s) that you worked me in. I will respond to all requests as soon as I have the cards ready. Watch my QRZ page for additional details. 



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