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JoAnne Maenpaa k9jkm at comcast.net
Mon Sep 6 06:11:13 PDT 2010

Hello Everyone,

> For those who don't want to take the Taxi fm. Midway to 
> the Holiday Inn there is Public transit available  
> Checkout: www.transitchicago.com

Please, once again ... if you have a choice of flights it is recommended
that you arrive and depart from Chicago O'Hare (ORD). The Symposium hotel is
adjacent to O'Hare and it is a 15 minute ride the way the roads are. 

When it comes to hopefully finding public transit, Chicago Midway (MDW) is
literally on the other side of the 7 million population metropolitan area.
This means a multiple hour commute on public transit. Chicago's major public
transit systems are organized spokewise from the Loop downtown.

>From Midway you will end up taking the train 15 miles into the city; then
you need to find the next train for the 20 mile outbound trip to the O'Hare
side of town. Driving a rental car from Midway's side of town to the area
around O'Hare will require 45-90 minutes depending on time of day and road

Any existing suburb-to-suburb public transit is sparse and often has limited
hours at night and on weekends such as 2 to 3 hours between trains or 1 hour
between busses. Public transit connections around O'Hare operate
continuously if you want to plan a side excursion into the City.

O'Hare is Chicago's major airport although several of the smaller carriers
and cheap flight package deals continue to use Midway Airport. Local folks
have routes that work between these two sides of town ... but I'm thinking
of someone from out of town flying in at 10PM ... Midway Airport is
inconveniently located for the Symposium.

Previously posted on ANS and AMSAT-BB:

Chicago-O'Hare International Airport is the closest to the Chicago/
Elk Grove Holiday Inn Hotel.  The hotel offers free hourly shuttle
service to and from O'Hare Airport. Call the hotel upon arrival to
let them know to come pick you up.

Caution! Several cheap flights to/from Chicago go to Midway Airport.
Note that Chicago-Midway Airport is approximately 40 miles from the
hotel and will require commuting or a $22.00 Shuttle fee. O'Hare
Airport is served by all major air carriers.

... hopefully I didn't scare too many people away!

73 de JoAnne K9JKM
k9jkm at amsat.org 
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Copy Editor, AMSAT Journal

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