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What is this 'GPSMAP76S'???  If I am understanding correctly, it plots grids 
on the GPS screen?  If so, is this software or a separate GPS receiver?  I 
have a Garmin Venture HC, would it be applicable to it?  It would be a lot 
easier to look down and see what grid you are in on the display rather than 
calculate it using lat/lon.



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> Hi Rick!
>> The number of satellites isn’t the main factor in accuracy, it’s the sat
>> geometry. A position fix with 4 birds spaced evenly and at a higher 
>> altitude
>> will give a better position than 8 birds near the horizon bunched around 
>> the
>> same area of the sky.
> I understand that.  I was only stating that about the VX-8GR as a
> reason why I don't use that device for establishing my location
> when working on grid boundaries etc.
> When I drove out to the DM23/DM24 grid boundary a couple of
> weekends ago, I was able to easily get the VX-8GR and GPSMAP
> 76S to line up on the grid boundary line (34 degrees North).  In fact,
> my VX-8GR was chirping away with APRS data on the boundary as
> I was taking the photos with the GPSMAP 76S sitting with my radios
> for the VUCC documentation (and the QSL cards).  I also have a
> photo or two of the VX-8GR with 34 degrees North on its display, as
> additional proof I was out there.
>> That being said, once  SA was turned off in 2000, I’ve rarely had a 
>> position
>> error greater than 20 feet, even with my older Garmin II+. My HCx, easily
>> get under 10’ most times.
> You're right again.  It should be easy to get that 20-foot accuracy,
> and this is stated in the VUCC rules.  If the GPS is in good
> working order, and you're not concerned about having all the latest
> bells and whistles, an older GPS is certainly capable of meeting
> the VUCC documentation requirements.  My GPSMAP 76S is 7
> years old, and I don't have any need to replace it.  Its firmware
> has been updated to the final version released by Garmin before
> it was discontinued, and the only thing I have to do with it is
> periodically replace the 2 AA batteries that power it.
> 73!
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