[amsat-bb] Re: GPS for dx-expedition

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Sep 2 06:13:59 PDT 2010

> So, I'll pose my question along the same premise: 
> Is there a 'ebay'/used/or ?? other unit that will 
> give us a grid position that one can put on a qsl
> card? 

The Kenwood D7 APRS HT and D700 and D710 mobiles display
gridsquare directly (assuming a GPS is plugged into it.  The new
D72 coming out in the next month or so has the GPS built in,
making for a trivial package to carry.  

I had assumed that the Yaesu VX-8R, DR, and GR APRS HT's also
read out directly the grid square?  But your next sentence seems
to imply otherwise..  Hummh...

> ... I was only stating that 
> about the VX-8GR as a reason why I don't use 
> that device for establishing my location
> when working on grid boundaries etc.

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