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Bob- W7LRD w7lrd at comcast.net
Sun Oct 31 11:48:26 PDT 2010

My 10M antenna is a 4 element quad which is part of a 10/15/20 M quad.  I have noticed since the days of RS10/15 etc that the reception is much better off the back  on 10M.  If I remember (not sure) it is cut for the lower part of 10M, so at 29.45 either the reflector is acting like a director or the first director is acting like a reflector.  In any event when I operate mode A I  always aim the "back" to the satellite, there is a  significant difference in reception between the front and back.  So if you're  using a multi band beam of some sort you might try "flipping " it around and see how it works.  At one time I built a horizontal 10M loop hanging from a pole, then later added a reflector a few feet below it, essentially a 2 element round quad looking up.  I would switch between the horiz. quad and the round quad depending on what the elevation was.  Yes indeed those RS days were the good old days.  I enjoyed and learned a lot back then. 

73 Bob W7LRD 

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I notice, looking at the logbook on the AO-7 website that the Europeans utilize 
Mode A alot more than use here in NA.  Since the downlink frequency is in the 
upper 10 meter band, and I wondering what antenna they are using for receive?  I 
have tried dipoles, horizontal loops, G5RV, etc to pretty much zero luck in 
hearing the bird, even with close passes. 

Any info would be appreciated.. 

John W6ZKH 
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