[amsat-bb] Re: AO-7 Mode A antenna

James Jipping jhjipping at ameritech.net
Sun Oct 31 10:00:54 PDT 2010

Good Afternoon, All:

Ever have someone tell you to read and read, again any email you write 
before you send it ??

After church today, I went to get my email, and saw what I sent to "you 
all". DAH!

A correction or two concerning that successful antenna. The one I 
described was used with marginal success.  The one that really worked 
the best was in fact  four slopping dipoles (at 45 degrees to the tower) 
, one for each directional side of the steel tower --- N, E, S, W, 
attached to the tower at about 40 feet up.  Two relays gave me antenna 
selection at the  tower so I could have only one feed line to the shack.

I regularly  worked all the AO and  RS satellites  is all directions.
Mode  A  to Hawaii  was  a  real challenge,  but I did it often.

Good Luck

Jim Jipping, W8MRR

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