[amsat-bb] Re: station add help

PA3GUO pa3guo at upcmail.nl
Sun Oct 31 04:26:31 PDT 2010

Hi Jack

I have a Kenwood TS2000, which is very similar to the IC910.
For this discussion one important difference, the TS2000 has
a build in TNC, which can be used on either bands & sat mode.

Many years I simply connected that build-in TNC to my PC
and used Alogger under Windows (via RS232) for packet.
Mostly ISS APRS, but also to command RAFT, ANDE, etc.

Two years ago I bought a 2nd hand PK96, external TNC,
which I connect to the TS2000 (ACC plug) and PC (RS232).
Works fine. It allows me to use the build in TNC on one band
and the PK96 on the other band. Also, when I use the build-in
TNC, I cannot use CAT (doppler) access. So to do AND doppler
compensation (HRD) AND packet I need the external TNC.
Also with the PK96 I use ALogger.

Another option is to feed the audio to MixW, and create a virtual
link in SW: connect MixW to Alogger, then you can set up an APRS 
Satgate without hardware TNC.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSFVTN2KKog shows how
ISS APRS is decoded by MixW.

Audio can directly be decoded by MMSSTV for SSTV (both TX/RX).
A SW only solution gets you running for SSTV. I did SSTV over HO68
this way: http://www.pa3guo.com/ho68_sstv_dec30_007.jpg

One year ago I added an interface between the radio & PC, to 
decouple them physically (for 20+ years I was 'unsafe'). For this
I use a kit from http://www.ezkits.eu/. This is insurance only, it
doesn't add anything new.

Then, I use HRD for Doppler control, but it can do much more
including decoding of many digital modes.

When you connect the audio of the IC910 to a PC and run MixW
you are operational to receive APRS already ! Maybe start there
and extend then step by step. (oh, you then can also decode
9k6 from AO51)

Success !
Henk, PA3GUO

I'm in the process of adding digital mode to my satellite station which 
of IC910 radio using SATPC 32 12.8A.  I will be using a Signalink USB & would 
like to know if this is the way to go.  I will be using it for packet, 
digipeater, SSTV.etc.  Two programs that I'm looking into using are MIXW & or 
mltimode.  I would appreciate any suggestions or help about moving foreword 
this configuration.  

Thanks for any input. Jack WA1ZDV 

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