[amsat-bb] Radio Interference on ISS

KI6RRQ ki6rrq at cox.net
Fri Oct 29 18:38:43 PDT 2010

Yep Larry, I'm in San Diego, CA, I hear them on the ISS down link all the
time, I have tried to tell them in English that they were on a satellite
downlink but they don't speak English and I am usually on an HT so they are
not hearing me.   I will try to bring my digital voice recorder with me,
next time to see if I can capture a call sign.
73 Rich KI6RRQ
"Last year in Mexicali Mexico we spot a company that uses ISS down link freq
145.800 Mhz to communicate on simplex, as soon as we get their phone number
by monitoring for a few days we give them a courtesy call and they politely
agree to change their operating freq.

I did not record the audio from this pass but would like to get it to see if
we can get more details.

73's Larry KI6YAA"

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