[amsat-bb] Radio Interference on AO-27

Larry Teran ki6yaa at gmail.com
Thu Oct 28 14:22:08 PDT 2010

I think there were some post on the past about this topic. Today 10/28/2010
on the AO-27 pass around 2049z we heard some signal of two people getting
into the satellite, I was able to recognize the accent and they were from
Central or South America as I can hear they were talking about the results
from a medical testing that makes me think about a hospital or a medical
laboratory. the satellite reach it's high altitude from me at 45 degrees
they no longer interfere, thats when the Central America region went out
from the foot print,

Last year in Mexicali Mexico we spot a company that uses ISS down link freq
145.800 Mhz to communicate on simplex, as soon as we get their phone number
by monitoring for a few days we give them a courtesy call and
they politely agree to change their operating freq.

I did not record the audio from this pass but would like to get it to see if
we can get more details.

73's Larry KI6YAA

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