[amsat-bb] Re: New User-New Station-Antennas-ADVICE?

N. Mahdinejad n.mahdinejad at gmail.com
Sat Oct 23 02:13:51 PDT 2010

Dear AMSAT members.
I have question about m2inc company yagi antennas.
If i want to orient my antennas to the angle of 0 azimuth. what should I do?
where is the azimuth=0 for the yaesu g-5500 and unitrack and antennas
Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
Thanks for attention.
Im looking froward to hearing from you.
Best Regards.

On Sun, Oct 17, 2010 at 8:32 PM, Dean Maluski <dean at n1ety.com> wrote:

> Realizing I need to crawl before I can walk but need to have a goal.
> I've grown a strong interest in working SATS, have a few bucks and am
> rebuilding my station for SATS from the ground up.
> Been reading the G Gould Smith "Getting Started..." book I picked up in
> Boxboro, MA at a fest a couple months ago.
> I replaced my Kenwood 440 with a TS-2000 without the 1.2 GHz option,
> thinking I may add 1.2 GHz next spring.
> Added a 4 inch conduit to my tower with a 7/8 hard line and a run of
> Jetstream LMR 400+ tagged RG-8U on jacket but specs are better than LMR
> 400 figure I'll use the Jetstream for 2 meter, or transmit side of
> things.
> Took down my 20 meter monoband beam, Purchased and mounted a Yaesu
> G-5500 (Separated).
> Ordered a Gulf-Alpha Gen purpose 2 meter H/V 440 V yagi, yes I also want
> to work land locked stuff too.
> LINUX!! Linux!! LINUX if possible ONLY-Seem good to go now with GPREDICT
> 1.1 and 1.2, 1.2 seems to not update rotor correctly but just got it
> going this morning. Running 1.1 on another machine over LAN and seems to
> work better.
> I have a 40 foot 1943 steel tower for what it's worth, it's a thing of
> beauty!!
> My vision is to eventually move the Gulf Alpha antenna to the center
> mast.
> Here is where my questions come to play....????
> What do I want for bird anteena's?
> My biggest interest is packet and flying mailboxes/HEO/Eventually EME
> possibly.
> Thinking my next antenna purchase would be the Gulf Alpha 440 and 2
> meter circular polarity antennas and the phasing assy to switch
> polarity????
> I have ample 4 port switches that can be used to switch at tower but of
> course less is more as I don't want to go switch crazy and add more
> attenuation to system than absolutely necessary.
> I see SSB has some nice pre-amps, NEED I suspect eventually..
> I'm getting stir crazy waiting for arrival of Yagi, one more day on
> tower and I should be complete except for arrival of Gulf Alpha Yagi
> that he is building.
> Not really sure what my question is. Reading and reading, trying not to
> buy too ,many unnecessary components while I impatiently wait for
> antenna to arrive but forward thinking as I finalize tower today, need
> to re-mount my WX station and security camera. Also adding a camera
> behind garage to look up at top of tower so I can see what the heck is
> going on with rotors-COOL!
> In mounting WX station, need to stay high as possible but of course
> can't interefere with back end of Yagi's
> Antenna advice, any advise if someone has the time? Hope to QSO soon
> with ya'll on the birds. Been listening on a vertical but question the
> doppler accuracy so have not attempted to transmit yet.
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