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Fri Oct 22 12:43:03 PDT 2010

Bob - 

Sadly, this is another example of an individual getting over his head in acquiring (or starting) a business product 

or enterprise for the amateur radio industry/hobby.  A loss for the weak-signal, EME, microwave, and satellite segment of the hobby. 

The specific product you are asking about is the RPCB 736ub 


Chas Mackinnon, GM8LMA has not updated his web site since February 2004 (moved muTek inventory and records to Scotland) 

The physical move took much longer to complete than we thought. Loading and unloading the 7 tonne lorry was quite straightforward but resulted in 5 man months just to classify, catalog, index, sort and identify all the stores. 
    • The development facilities have been finished, together with test and maintenance areas, leaving just production to be completed over the next few weeks. 
    • Our admin area still looks a little "green field" - and the computer room does not exist but is scheduled to be completed over the next three months. 
    • Production evaluation of the RPCB144ub and the SLNA290 is currently in progress. These two products were selected to be done first from the very high number of enquiries. 

I am not aware of a replacement board set, liek that offered by muTek Limited (UK). 

At this point in technology, many would advocate to forget about upgrades to this classic VHF/UHF platform due to its age (~20 years). 
The automotive industry went through an identical "attitude period" -- but ironically the classic automotive segment supports a number of after-market firms. 

Yes, Software Defined Radios (SDR) are the current state-of-the-art .. but they have issues .. as with any emerging technology. 

A "new" design using currently available components, micro-processing/controller capabilities,  
and surface mount production could significantly upgrade the capabilities of this platform. 

Jim, W6PQL shows you what is possible (and the talent in the hoby) -- using an FT-736R (and other radios) as an IF platform for microwaves 



WA7TZY adapted the W6PQL relay seqeuncer to the FT-736R 





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Does anyone have a source for the Mutek RPCB 736 boards.  I don't think they 
are being made anymore. 

If not, are there other options that are similar to these boards? 


Bob, WA9JDR 

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