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Alan Cresswell alancresswell at xtra.co.nz
Sat Oct 16 20:34:41 PDT 2010

Hi Tom,

Yes, this exact debate comes up from time to time.  Here for what its worth
is a contribution I made when it last came up over a year ago:

"The two radios I am familiar with are the TS-2000 and the IC-910.  I have
both, and in terms of the basic performance parameters there is no
difference between them.  However the TS-2000 is a much more versatile radio
than the 910.  One of the main advantages of the 2000 from my point of view
is that almost anything that can be done from the front panel is also under
computer control.  It also has built in DTMF tones and tone memories which I
use for satellite command ops.  (It also of course has full HF
capabilities.) There are also a number of other advantages which make it my
preferred satellite radio.  I use the 910 for portable operation as it is a
bit smaller and lighter than the 2000.
Hope this helps a bit.  (Please note - I am in no way knocking the 910, it
is a great radio - it is just that with the way I operate the 2000 suits me

Some other points:
I don't tend to use the 2000 for HF as I also have other HF radios.
The infamous 436.8MHz birdie on the 2000 means that only the second half of
an SO=50 pass is usable - I tend to use the 910 for SO-50.
On the other hand I can use the 2000 on AO-07 Mode A.  (29MHz)
The 2000 has a +/- 20kHz RIT range - sometimes very useful.  The 910 is +/-
1.2kHz which is a bit limiting.
The 910 has AFC which works well.  I can easily track AO-51 S-band signals
without any operator intervention.  The 2000 has no AFC function.

As is usually the case it comes down to personal preference and operating
style.  I am sure you will find that either radio will do the job well.


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      So I have an Icom IC-821 that I am using for the birds, SSB and 
FM. I don't know what to say, but that rig isn't quite there.
     So I am trying to decide between a TS-2000 and an IC-910H. I've had 
a 2000 in the past, and it is a pretty good rig. But I've heard that the 
910H is "better", more or less. I have mast mounted SSB preamps to 
equalize everything out.

     Anyone on the list own both an IC-910H and a TS-2000, and do you 
have any thoughts on the use of them for sat use? (I don't really need 
the low band part of the TS-2000, I have a K3 there).

     tom bosscher K8TB

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