[amsat-bb] Missed AO-51 contact

Jeremy Kiehner jeremy.kiehner at me.com
Thu Oct 14 04:02:25 PDT 2010

Today 10/13/10 while mobile on my way home from work I saw AO-51 making a high pass. Curiously I loaded up the memories in my Alinco DJ-G5 (mobile rig went kaput) and heard the bird and a QSO. Waiting for a break, I sent my call and location of York, Pennsylvania. An operator came back with my call and location each time I attempted to transmit. Unfortunately I was unable to hear the bird well on my mag mount dual band 1/4wave. This occurred around 0615 eastern. I apologize to, and thank the operator who was trying to contact me in return. It was my FIRST attempt at contact via a satellite (had been listening for a few weeks now while at home on my 3element 2 meter beam and the same Alinco HT. Successful to a point, made contact, I was heard i just could not hear the bird well. All in all, I'm now hooked. If I can hit this bird (and SO-51 earlier in the night tho it was dead and timer needed reset but I heard myself on it!) via mobile dual band mag mount on high passes, I can not wait to try on the 2 meter beam.

Jeremy KB3DLP

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