[amsat-bb] SO-67 operating practice

Ib Christoffersen oz1my at privat.dk
Wed Oct 13 01:21:15 PDT 2010

Hi all,

I have been told that a lot of operators use too high deviation on SO-67.

Here is a repetition of my experience from last time SO-67 was active over


1. Used FMN and the CTCSS tone. LF level OK but the transponder lets the 

tone through. That does not sound nice.


2. Used normal "old" FM deviation and NO CTCSS tone. Sounds better to me.


3. Used "old" deviation and the CTCSS tone. That sound really horrible.


Try to listen to your own modulation and adjust the deviation (mike gain)
down until it sounds good.


73 OZ1MY



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