[amsat-bb] Re: WD9EWK - Hardest Workin' AMSATter

Peter Portanova roic at optonline.net
Mon Oct 11 13:05:56 PDT 2010


Well said,Clint,   Patrick, WD9EWK and  you are also very knowledgeable and 
approachable, enough said I used up all my syllables for the day!

73- Pete

Subject: [amsat-bb] WD9EWK - Hardest Workin' AMSATter

> We have to create a "Hardest Workin' AMSAT Member" award, and give the 
> first one to Patrick. When I perform my demos, he's ALWAYS out there. When 
> he slides into his car, he is ALWAYS stopping alongside a highway to work 
> a satellite. (Did you see the video he posted yesterday? He is LITERALLY 
> stopped alongside a highway just to work a bird for our benefit.)
> I have seen him in action at a hamfest in Arizona ... I hope some of his 
> energy and enthusiasm rubs off on us all.

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