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> I am installing a G-5500 Elevation rotor and trying to determine
> orientation of elevation with reference to software specifically
> rtrcontrold for Linux but I'd suspect this would be typical to most PC
> applications.

> If a sat is 45 degrees above horizon should rotor control read 45 or 135
> degrees on the hardware control dial?

Hi Dean,

If the sat is 45 degrees elevation and rising above the horizon the rotor
control must read 45 degrees.
If your software make flipping operation and the sat is lovering elevation
as soon the elevation is again 45 degrees above the horizon then the control
box must read 135 degrees.

> What I'm asking is when I want to mount antenna where 90 degrees is
> horizontal or vertical?

At 90 degrees elevation the boom must be vertical with the antenna radiating
at the zenith.

> It seems natural that midway point is horizontal but midway point is 90
> degrees. I don't think I ever have a reason to point antenna into the
> mud so it makes most sense that midway 90 degrees is straight up??

Right ! midway 90 degrees is straight up with the antenna radiating at the

73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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