[amsat-bb] Re: LHCP or RHCP?

Tom k0tw at cox.net
Wed Oct 6 15:42:57 PDT 2010

Perhaps I should have worded my question differently. I understand the
concept of circular polarization and the reasons for it. What I should have
asked was "Is one direction preferred over the other for working the
satellites?". Thanks for all the excellent info and I think what I've
learned is that the ability to switch between directions of polarization is
best but RHCP is preferred if only one direction is available. 

Domenico, thanks for the attachments. Good stuff which I had not seen

Tom - K0TW

> If I'm building an antenna of circular polarization for use with the birds
> what determines if it should be LHCP or RHCP? I've read the ARRL Satellite
> Handbook and "sort of" searched the AMSAT-BB archives but found nothing
> about this question.
>Tom - K0TW

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