[amsat-bb] S band

Jack Barbera barberaalderwood at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 6 14:02:53 PDT 2010

Need a little help.
First I'd like to thank everyone for your answers to my question concerning ISS 

I am all set to add L band to my station using my IC910 including Rohn 25 folder 
over tower to be mounted to the side of my house.  While I'm at it I wonder if 
it would make sense to add S band as well, if so, should I add transmitting as 
well as receiving capabilitie?  Should I use a two meter or a 70 cm radio 
knowing that two meter would provide less loss?  Any thoughts on this would be 
appreciated & most likley I will have further questions as I get into this 

Thanks for any input. Jack WA1ZDV 

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