[amsat-bb] SatPC32 Help Needed

Guy Brauning guyjeanbraun at comcast.net
Mon Oct 4 07:00:27 PDT 2010

Thanks for reading this.  I recently installed SatPC32 from an AMSAT
purchased CD onto a new WIN 7 laptop with a dual-core Pentium processor.
The laptop is interfaced with a Yaesu FT-857D for 144MHZ and a Yaesu FT-897D
for 432 MHZ.  The interface is via a STAR-TECH Express Card serial adapter
which provides 2 COM ports.  The program installed properly, I updated the
KEPs file, and the program controls the radios.  My problem is that I can't
fine tune the Doppler shift properly for my set-up.  I have tried using the
CAT Tuning dialog box to adjust the Downlink in order to hear my own CW
signal in the downlink, then reset the downlink adjustment to zero, and then
adjust the Uplink by the same frequency amount in the opposite direction,
and then save the uplink calibration.  I was able to get AO-7 mode B working
pretty well using this technique; however, for VO-52 even when I adjust the
downlink to hear myself and then change the uplink and store the change, my
signal is no longer heard in the downlink... even before saving any changes,
I have to continually adjust the downlink in order to hear my own signal as
my signal will move out of the downlink ....I can't seem to find the correct
Doppler corrected frequency pair... I thought that once I adjusted the
downlink so that my signal was peaked that that would be a constant
"correction" throughout the pass.    Are there other adjustments that I need
to try in addition to the uplink calibration?  FO-29 is even harder to try
and figure out than AO-7 and VO-52.   Is anyone else using two Yaesu FT-817
/ 857 / 897 rigs with SatPC32?  If so, what do you think I am doing wrong
and what are your DOPPLER.SQF data lines for AO-7, VO-52, and FO-29 (as well
as any other critical settings)?   I have been manually adjusting for
Doppler shift for about a year on the linear satellites but I never got
proficient enough to tune around the passband and answer other calls... I
just parked myself on an open frequency and called until someone answered
me.  I can greatly appreciate the benefits of Full Doppler Tuning, I just
can't seem to configure SatPC32 in order to take advantage of it!  I live in
central Maryland, FM-19.


Thanks for the help,

  Guy Brauning


  guyjeanbraun at comcast.net


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