[amsat-bb] ] Re: unitrack 2004

Tom Schuessler tjschuessler at verizon.net
Tue Nov 30 09:06:30 PST 2010

On the comment on using the Virtual PC for Windows 7 to run an XP emulation,
This add on will not work with any version of Windows 7 Home, either 32 or
64 but will need to be at least Windows 7 Professional.  This unless anybody
has a hack to make the download think it is running on the Business platform
instead of Home.

Tom Schuessler
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At 05:34 PM 11/29/2010 -0900, Dale Hershberger wrote:
>I need some help.  I recently acquired a new HP 64 bit computer that has 
>win 7 home
>OS.  I tried to load the unitrack software and it would not permit me to 
>do it.  I have ordered
>a LVB tracker  from AMSAT and not received it yet.  I have tried to 
>download the latest
>upgrades from Unitrack but can not install on the 64 bit machine.  Any 
>help would be

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