[amsat-bb] Re: AO-7 Mode A Antenna (update)

John Neeley w6zkh at att.net
Mon Nov 29 06:53:00 PST 2010

In reference to the change I made building the vertical dipole for AO-7 Mode A, 
I now have a better option that is working out great......the Moxon beam.  I 
found a calculator for working out the dimensions at:


This website has all sorts of ideas in making this simple antenna.

I just building one to see how well it would work in my situation here, I made 
my version using 1/2" PVC for a light weight frame and for the elements, #12 
stranded electrical wire, which I zipped tied to the pvc frame.  As shown in the 
picture, I just mounted it below my Arrow dualband yagi, at an elevation of only 
8 ft.  Even at this low mounting, and surrounded by homes, I am quite impressed 
with this antennas results.  I would recommend this antenna to anyone wanting to 
try and work Mode A with a low price RX antenna.


John W6ZKH

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