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Mon Nov 29 05:52:41 PST 2010

In looking around for information on 9600 baud GMSK, I find many reviews
dating back to the 1990s, and explanations on satellite project web pages,
that it is compatible with K9NG/G3RUH 9600 baud modulation.  IF that is
correct, it should work with a strong signal.  I recall (?) there is a
penalty amounting to a db or so.  Perhaps one of the digital experts can
clarify this?


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> Tonight I was successful in getting the L/U digipeater on CO-65 to 
> respond to me, but was not able to decode it despite 10 over S9 signals 
> at TCA. Uplink was UISS to AGW Engine to my KPC9612, IC910, KJ6KO amp, 
> with about 30w at the antenna, a M2 35 element yagi. I'm interested if 
> anyone outside of JA has had any luck with this, and what was being used 
> to decode it?
> 73, Drew KO4MA
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The UHF and VHF uplink and downlink use GMSK modulation:

CO-65 GMSK 9k6 digipeat

GMSK is now scheduled on every weekend over the world wide.
You can digipeat via CO-65 GMSK 9k6.

In Cute-1.7 + APD II, we provide the following services using 1200MHz uplink
and 430MHz downlink, on a trial basis.

   1. Real-time relay communication service
   2. Message box service

1267.6MHz high-speed packet communication (GMSK-9600bps) is used for uplink.
437.475MHz high-speed packet communication(GMSK-9600bps) is used for

The GMSK modulation is used in the D-STAR radio with the AMBE codecs i don't
know if the CUTE data can be decoded in the digital data 
frames with the Icom D-STAR radio?


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