[amsat-bb] (UPDATE): Odd split setup on TM-D710

Jeff Yanko wb3jfs at cox.net
Fri Nov 26 00:15:08 PST 2010

Hi all,

As I promised, I want to update this situation with those who had sent along 
their suggestions and ideas when I posted my problem here a few weeks ago. 
I want to thank you all.

After looking at the situation and setup, I decided it would be best to use 
the MCP program provided free from Kenwood.  I attempted to load the 
software but found out I needed to have a .net framework of 2.0 or greater. 
I went to the Microsoft website and upgraded and it took me to the latest 
version of 3.5.  I was able to load the software without a problem, but 
immediately found another problem with the hardware.  The PC connection on 
the TM-D710 uses a 8 pin mini DIN connector.  I could not find one anywhere 
near me.  I went on ebay and bought a 6 foot cable with both ends capped 
with male 8 pin mini DIN's for a few dollars and a couple more for shipping. 
A couple weeks have gone by since I got all of the items I needed to make 
the connection but didn't work on it until Thanksgiving Day.

After eating Thanksgiving dinner, I immediately proceeded to work on the 
transformation of the cable.  No, the Tryptophan in the turkey never seems 
to make me sleepy. :)  I cut the 6 foot cable in half so if I need another 
cable with a 8 pin mini DIN, I will have it.  I checked the pinouts for the 
connectors, the 8 pin Mini DIN and the DB9, then ohmed the wires to see 
which one was which.  I soldered the connections and completed the DB9 with 
a shell and connected the TM-D710 to the laptop.  The program read the radio 
and was communicating with it as well.

I setup the frequencies and saved them to memory and checked it out.  All is 
working well and will just have to wait for Col. Wheelock to show up. :)

Thanks again to all for their inputs.


Jeff  WB3JFS
Las Vegas, NV


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