[amsat-bb] G5400B Assembly

Craig Gagner crgagner at charter.net
Sat Nov 20 11:58:18 PST 2010

Try to get some info on assembly. My rotor came with the elevator mounted on
the wrong side, not knowing any better I put it up on the tower and this
morning it wouldn't turn.


Took it all down and it was full of ice and water, after going to a friend I
realized that the elevator was on the wrong side of the azmith motor. Anyway
took it all apart and dried it all out, but I am not sure how it all goes
back together, and my meter swings all over the place and then swings hard
one way to the stop and I cant seem to get it in sync with the rotator.


Please e-mail me direct as I cant figure out how to subscibe to this list .


crgagner at charter.net




Craig Gagner


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