[amsat-bb] AO27 & SO50 Mutual Window, Possible QRM?

Rick Tejera saguaroastro at cox.net
Sat Nov 20 09:51:48 PST 2010


A question. Friday between 2156 -2201 UT both SO-50 & AO-27 were visible
form my QTH (in fact they had a mutual window somewhere from about 2154-
2214UT). Both birds were in the same area of the sky, so I think it'd be
possible to hit both birds with my antenna pointed towards one of them. 

Now for the question, since both bird operate on the same frequencies, (with
SO-50 requiring a PL tone), If I'm working SO-50 Wouldn't someone working
AO27 hear me as well? If they do and reply, Would I hear them from the AO-27
downlink? I know SO-50 wouldn't hear them since there is no PL (Assuming the
other station did not program in a PL). 

Also if the other station did have the PL, what would happen if both birds
heard him and repeated the uplink? I imagine there would be some serious QRM
as the signal reach my station out of phase.

If we did hear each other and completed a QSO, I can imagine the confusion
when QSL's are exchanged....

Just wondering. 

Clear Skies

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