[amsat-bb] New sat's experiences ?

PA3GUO pa3guo at upcmail.nl
Sat Nov 20 08:03:51 PST 2010

Just to cheer up others with poor results - you're not alone :-)

FASTRAC downlink at 145.825:   ISS + other QRM and clearly my 9k6 is not sensitive.
Quite a few packets heard, nothing decoded. Here I (my station) clearly failed.

FASTRAC & O/OREOS downlink at 437: lot of QRM (50Hz humm, 50 KHz wide at 437.320)

O/OREOS: Yes I did hear it, 4 second packet period interfal, but I could not decode.
Others (eg DK3WN) have better results. Seems 4 KHz above official freq, all the time,
so I assume its not due to the keplerset (else that would not be 4 khz all the time ?)
Your experiences ?
Mike: what does your SDR analysis say wrt the frequency ?

O/OREOS keplerset: accepted by HRD (go to keplers, click add file (next to the list of
URLs and upload the keplerset manually. But: I suspect it to be invalid, some programs
do not accept the O/OREOS keplerset, HRD only accepted after I turned off the checksum check.

Anyway lot of new signals to hunt for.
(and 145.825 will become VERY busy)

Looking forward to hear you results !
Henk, PA3GUO (after a VERY short night)

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