[amsat-bb] Re: AMSAT-BB Digest, Vol 5, Issue 458

Bob DeVarney W1ICW w1icw at myfairpoint.net
Fri Nov 19 19:08:55 PST 2010

Regarding SSB preamps:

I have had both an SP-2000 and SP-7000 in nearly continuous use here in 
Vermont since 1990. I cannot find any fault with either unit. Both have 
worked FLAWLESSLY the entire time. Both have been out in the extremes of 
temperature northern Vermont gets. Some slight discoloration from the 
sun of the housings. The 2 meter one is not quite so red any more, and 
the 432 one a paler shade of blue, but that is all.

The ARR preamps are excellent as well, but limit you to 160 watts. For 
most people running a typical satellite station, that would be fine. But 
if you also want to run V/UHF terrestrial, that may not be enough power 
handling for you.

With a proper sequencer, the SP-2000 will handle 750 watts, and SP-7000 
will handle 500, and SSB offers a 1.5 kW 2 meter model for a real 
rockcrusher station.

You get what you pay for.

SSB preamps are excellent in all respects for satellite work. I even 
made my first ten 2 meter EME QSOs with the SP-2000.

I had considered using one for my permanent two meter EME station as 
well, but ended up using a receive only preamp and doing dual feedlines, 
one for tx and one for rx.

73, Bob W1ICW

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