[amsat-bb] Re: NA1ISS

Patrick E. Farcon pfarcon at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 19 15:09:19 PST 2010

If I may add my two cents:

After checking on http://Oscar.dcarr.org it appears that the ISS has been active  on voice between 21:00 and 22:00 utc lately. Commander Wheelock seems to get into patterns of availability on the radio but of course it depends on time available on the space station.

I used that as a guideline and found an excellent pass that fit in the timeframe such as that when I had made my contact back in June or July.

Of course there is a chance on any decent pass that you may catch him on the frequencies you mentioned.

I hope that his successors up there continue to be active after he returns to Earth at the end of the month I believe. Of course there is always packet and APRS but a voice contact is always amazing.

Http://www.issfanclub.com is also a site that has a wealth of information that may be helpful.

Good luck and enjoy!


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