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G. Beat gregory.beat at comcast.net
Thu Nov 18 13:58:00 PST 2010

Tony - 

Unless you have access to a local machine shop and machinist, 

your only source for these Japanese manufactured parts is Yaesu USA. 

SOME of the KR-500 parts may be identical (common) to the current production Yaesu G-550 elevation rotator. 

Yaesu purchased the Kenpro Company which originated these designs. 

The individual azimuth and elevation rotators were KR-400 and KR-500. 

Later came the KR-5400, the KR-5400-A/B and the KR-5600-A/B. 

[i]After the purchase, Yaesu eventually changed these prefix designations to "G" from the earlier "KR". 

DIY REPAIR SITES for the KenPro / Yaesu Rotators, 
Courtesy of the previous KenPro/Yaesu queries from QRZ and AMSAT-BB reflector (archives) 

Henk, PA3GUO (Netherlands) described the repair and cleaning of the KR400 and KR500 rotators (Photos). 

This is a useful collection of articles compiled by longtime AMSAT member Ron Long W8GUS. 
Common faults of the KR-500 series elevation rotator and its derivatives are described. 
Instructions, hints and tips for disassembly, cleaning, and rebuild are included. ZIP File size 11.5K. 

W7KKE had a web page that demonstrated the  rebuilding of his Yaesu G-5500 Az/Elev rotator, 

however that web page is now gone.  : -( 


IF you need parts or desire to have the rotator repaired by Yaesu, you can contact the Yaesu service department in California that handles rotator repairs. 

Vertex Standard USA 
Attn: Amateur Repair 
10900 Walker Street 
Cypress, CA 90630 
For customer service, technical support or parts, please call: 714-827-7600 
K6VLF in Fresno, CA started a repair business for older KenPro / Yaesu rotors --- 
Contact him for details! 
* Phone: (559) 264-0772 
* Email: k6vlf at comcast.net 
* Web: http://yaesurotorrepair.com 

Talino, IZ7ATH has photos (belt) of his repair 

Full article 

His web site 

KenPro KR-500 manual 


Yaesu G-550 manual 



Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2010 00:37:12 -0500 
From: Tony, K2MO  
Subject: To: AMSAT-BB 


Can anyone tell me if the mounting hardware on the Yaesu G-550 is the same 
as the old Kenpro KR-500? Anyone other than Yaesu selling parts for 
these units? 


Tony - K2MO 

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