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Anthony Monteiro aa2tx at comcast.net
Thu Nov 18 13:48:18 PST 2010

Hi Trevor,

The current plan is to use the same frequency for the FM downlink
and the telemetry beacon. The IHU will have sufficient memory capacity to
hold at least a days worth of data so the beacon would be turned on once
a day for a telemetry dump and then back to transponder mode.

And yes, we plan to use forward error correction on the beacon so
that it will be bulletproof. It will likely be a different format
than the one used on ARISSat-1 since we want a higher bit rate and Fox
will be passive magnetic stabilized (like AO-51) so it will not suffer
from tumble fading like ARISSat might and the interleave length does not
need to be as long.

Thanks for your interest!
Tony AA2TX

At 03:35 PM 11/18/2010, Trevor . wrote:
>--- On Thu, 18/11/10, Andrew Glasbrenner <glasbrenner at mindspring.com> wrote:
> > 
> http://www.amsat.org/amsat-new/images/fck_images/2010_President_Annual_Report%281%29.pdf
> >
> > Slides 14 through 17
>Hi Drew,
>Really glad to see that AMSAT-NA is going ahead with the FOX project.
> >From my point of view potentially the valuable part of FOX is the 
> deployable Solar Panels.
>This has never been done on a 1U CubeSat and should significantly 
>increase the power available. A space proven system to deploy panels 
>on a 1U sat will benefit not just AMSAT-NA for future projects but 
>the entire CubeSat community.
>Unfortunately I wasn't able to get to the symposium so perhaps you 
>could clarify one of the slides for me.
>Slide 16 mentions both a U/V FM transpoder and a V telemetry beacon. 
>Is the telemetry beacon on a seperate frequency from the transponder 
>so both can run at the same time ? Also is the beacon using the 
>robust narrow band, high efficiently, BPSK system developed for ARISSat-1 ?
>I look forward to the launch of ARISSat-1 in the New Year with its 
>first ever space deployment of a SDX linear transponder, with that 
>and the Slow Scan TV, its sure to be very popular.
>73 Trevor M5AKA
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