[amsat-bb] Re: Please help us Track the FASTRAC satellites oncetheyare launched Nov. 19th!!

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Nov 17 07:59:21 PST 2010

> >> Does Celestrak have [FASTRAC] in their catalog yet?
> PCSAT was also launched out of Kodiak back in 2001 into a 61
> degree orbit....

We just played with the elements for PCSAT and changed the
inclination to 72 degrees and mean motion until we got 650km
and then adjusted RAAN until we got the orbit over Kodiak, and
then changed the EPOC time until we got the satellite over
Kodiak at launch time.

Here are the elements we ended up with:
 Epoc 11/19/2010 04:30 UTC
 MA   140
 MM   14.7
 Inc  72
 E    .0018
 AP   16.08
 RAAN 130

Based on a launch at 01:24 UTC on the 20th, the first pass in
range of Hawaii and California, will be in minutes and probably
the satellite will not have separated or be activated.  But a
half orbit later, the first ground stations will be Eastern
Europe.  Then a descending pass over Hawaii at T + 100 minutes
and then Central Europe about 3 hours after launch followed by
Japan and New Zealand.  The next pass is over Europe Japan and
NZ again,  Not until almost 9 hours later will we see it on the
east coast.

All of these first 3 passes in the Northern Hemisphere begin
about 4 AM through 7:30 AM local time.  New Zealand passes are
in the Afternoon.

All of the above can be TOTALLY Wrong and groundless if our
assumptions are wrong.


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