[amsat-bb] Re: Most Wanted Grid Map and a quick thanks

Tom k0tw at cox.net
Wed Nov 17 06:39:58 PST 2010

> Hello everyone,
> I have a sort of odd question which has been bouncing around in my mind.
> Back in the October issue of QST there was a map of the 6m grid squares
> displayed a grid map with colored squares showing the  most wanted to
> wanted grids.  I understand that the map was based on a survey of 6m users
> but I was curious if there was anything similar for satellites?
> <Snip>
> Michael, K4MOA

Michael, there was some discussion a year or so ago here on amsat-bb about
this. I'm sorry that I can't remember who it was but someone asked for input
on what grid squares (via the birds) were needed by as many amsat-bb
subscribers as possible. That person then compiled a listing which was a
great start toward a colored map similar to that used with the FFMA 6 meter
award. I contacted the person who created the FFMA map with the data and,
after he spent some time perusing the numbers, he determined that much more
data would be required. Incidentally, he used proprietary software to create
the FFMA map. 

As far as I know nothing further has been done.

Tom - K0TW 

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