[amsat-bb] Most Wanted Grid Map and a quick thanks

Michael Elliott k4moa at frontier.com
Tue Nov 16 20:31:41 PST 2010

Hello everyone,

I have a sort of odd question which has been bouncing around in my mind.

Back in the October issue of QST there was a map of the 6m grid squares that
displayed a grid map with colored squares showing the  most wanted to least
wanted grids.  I understand that the map was based on a survey of 6m users -
but I was curious if there was anything similar for satellites?

Also, I am sorry for the delay in sending this - but I wanted to thank
Patrick, WD9EWK and Drew, KO4MA for the AO27 contacts this past Saturday.
Our ARES group was helping with a county wide communications exercise
assisting Emergency Services.  During our late lunch we had a impromptu
satellite demonstration.  I had a hard time finding the satellite, but
eventually made it.  I mistakenly switched in to auto-mode in providing my
grid information, we were actually located in EM85 instead of my home qth of
EM95.  My friend Mac, K3CLM tried to make it as well using his HT and Elk
antenna.   We had around 12 individuals watching the demo.  Hopefully we
will get more interested in operating the birds.  Thanks again to Patrick
and Drew.

Michael, K4MOA

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