[amsat-bb] Re: AO-7 Mode A Antennas

John Neeley w6zkh at att.net
Sat Nov 13 07:36:58 PST 2010

In my reference to my thread of last month concerning what folks were using for 
AO-7 Mode A RX antennas (29.45mhz), just about everyone had a different type, 
from CB mobile whips to Cubical Quads.  In my quest to build something simple, 
that I hoped would fit my property footprint, I came up with a Vertical Wire 
Dipole, housed inside some PVC which is mounted against the wooden property 
fence.  This antenna has seemed to work fairly well, and I've had numerous 
contacts using it.  It seems to fit my bill and wallet also.  No preamp is used 
at the antenna, which I am sure would/could help some, as only feeding this 
antenna with 50' of RG-58/u coax to the FT-847 transceiver.  I have noticed that 
sometimes I hear the other station quite well, whereas I just barely can hear my 
own signal coming back on the downlink.  I really think this is due to my uplink 
antenna which consists of just a single Arrow with the 2m elements in the 
horizontal plane.  Unknown if it would improve if vertical, but too it could be 
a problem from RH to LH polarization, which I noticed when I still had my KLM's 
(which I should have never let go....).  Anyway, for those looking for an easy 
downlink Mode A antenna, this vertical seems to fit the bill, at least for me.

photo at:  http://i863.photobucket.com/albums/ab199/W6ZKHJOHN/NewImage.jpg

John W6ZKH

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