[amsat-bb] CO-66 and SO 67 US passes this Saturday.

Tom Schuessler tjschuessler at verizon.net
Thu Nov 11 20:53:39 PST 2010

SO 67 will be active over the US on 13, Nov. Saturday for one pass only
starting at 1542 Z per request and confirmed by John Lochner of the SO-67
team.  Looking forward to seeing you on the bird from a demo at the North
Hills Prep School in Irving, TX in support of an International festival with
a booth hosted by local Scout Troop 606.  Should be interesting time with a
chance to promote ham radio to a diverse group of non-hams.

Cubesat Oscar 66, CO-66 SEEDS-II SSTV downlink will also be available at
about the exact same time on Saturday, Ending at about 1555 Z  See copied
e-mail below from the SEEDS-II team at Nihon University in Japan.  They
downlink an SSTV image with the satellite call sign.  Thought it might make
an interesting demo as well but now see the time conflict due to the above
mentioned SO-67 pass.  Apparently the time frame is limited so the next pass
they will be back to a CW beacon.

See you on the birds.

Tom Schuessler, N5HYP
2713 Lake Gardens Drive
Irving, Texas  75060
214-403-1464 (Cell)
n5hyp at arrl.net


>Dear Tom Schuessler,>
>Thank you for your contact.
>We will uplink SSTV commands at the following time from Nihon Univ. but
each command will keep transmit SSTV images only for three hours.
>So we cannot warrant if you can receive SSTV images at Texas. We presume
perhaps you may be able to get them by the 12:55(UTC) uplinked >command.
>13/Nov./2010 Uplink time (UTC)
>We wish you can receive them. Thank you.
>SEEDS Project Team
Miyazaki Lab.,
Department of Aerospace Engineering,
Graduate School of Science and Technology, Nihon University Master's degree
2nd Shoko Inoue E-mail:inoue at forth.aero.cst.nihon-u.ac.jp

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	I followed the pass of CO-66, SEEDS II this past saturday at 1650ish
	Saturday, 6 November from my location in Irving, Texas and copied
the CW
	beacon.  I see that the satellite does periodically output an SSTV
image but
	I wonder how to tell when this action will happen.  On your web site
you do
	show SSTV as an activity at your university receiving station but
can we
	receive it in other parts of the world and if so can we tell when.
	This Saturday the 13th November I will be doing an amateur radio
	demonstration and would love the opportunity to download the image.

	Thank you very much for your help.

73, Tom Schuessler, N5HYP

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