[amsat-bb] Re: V/U Satellite Operation Issue/Question

Anthony Monteiro aa2tx at comcast.net
Sun Nov 7 07:42:30 PST 2010

Hi Zachary,

He is probably experiencing receiver desense
which is a common problem trying to work V/U (mode J)

See this:

Tony AA2TX


At 08:43 AM 11/7/2010, Zachary Beougher wrote:
>All, A Ham from Ireland asked me about some 
>issues he was having with his base rig when 
>working the V/U birds.  Since I have have had 
>limited experience using base rigs to work the 
>birds, and I have had no experience with the SSB 
>birds, I thought I would pose his question to 
>some of the more experienced ops here.  Here’s 
>the issue he is having:   1.. His 
>setup:  TS-790a (full duplex rig) and Tonna F9FT 
>9/19 Yagi (This was the description of his 
>equipment he gave me).   2.. Whenever he goes to 
>transmit on the 2m uplink, the 440 receive 
>frequency “drops out” and all he can hear is 
>QRN.  Once he lets off the PTT, receiving goes 
>back to normal.  He mentioned he did make a 
>contact on a FM V/U bird, and received a 59 
>report.     3.. He has worked the U/V 
>satellites, and everything works fine (he can 
>hear himself on the downlink).   4.. He has 
>double-checked all connections. If you have any 
>idea pertaining to this issue, you can email me 
>here or off list and I will pass it along to him. Thanks, Zack KD8KSN

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